Bollywood is an inseparable part of Indian soap operas. If you think we are talking about playing a heartfelt Bollywood song at the background, like – Chan se jo tute koi Sapna, while hero gets apart from heroins, or a sweet young girl randomly sings a song on the first day of her college, like Aaj main upar, aasman neeche, well then you need to think beyond and bigger. The fact is most of the daily dramas’ titles have taken from the lyrics of hit Bollywood songs. And we are talking about that connection. So, is that a deliberate gesture by the makers? We need to think about it. Let’s look at some quick instances. 

Everyone knows the chemistry between police officer Sandhya and Sooraj of “Diya aur baati hum”. But does anyone know from which song the title of the program has been taken from? Well, it is a song from a movie Viraasat directed by Priyadarshan, named – “tare hain barati.” The feel of the song righty fits to the bond between Sandhya and Sooraj, as he puts forward his support to her on pace of her life and they complete each other in every way. The other well-known serial was “Kuch toh log kahenge”. Starring film actor Mohnish Bahl (later Sharad Kelkar) and promising TV actress Kritika Kamra, this was an unusual love story between an older man and a young girl. They met and fall in love gradually with each other, but faced many hurdles as few opposed badly. However, together they stood strong in all the circumstances and finally got hitched. Undoubtedly, the title was aptly kept “Kuch toh log kahenge.” This was taken from a super hit song of Kishore Kumar, titled the same – “Kuch toh log kahenge” from Shakti Samanta directed Amar Prem. Well, there are plenty of shows, which have adopted the lyrics of Bollywood hits as title. 

Now the question is why would someone do that? Why would someone name his show with the title or lyrics of a famous Bollywood song? A group of people thinks that as creativity is dying day by day the writers are unable to come up with names that can make a place in the viewers’ minds. However, we think this may not be the only reason. In our opinion, these names were deliberately kept in order to get a good recall value in the minds of the million viewers. As these songs and lyrics are extremely famous in India, people will find it easy to remember the titles. Anyway, whatever the reason may be and whatever the title they have, one can’t deny that these are hugely-loved shows by the billions of people. So dial Dish TV Customer Care Number now and ask for a suitable package that can make you enjoy the dramatic consequences of every Indian daily soap, endlessly. Watch these beautifully made shows and forget the myth that an Indian daily drama is just about the fights and quarrel between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. Call on Dish TV Customer Care Number now and get entertained every day!